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The Spirit Thief

The Spirit Thief (The Legend of Eli Monpress)40. Rachel Aaron, The Spirit Thief

When Eli Monpress, the self-proclaimed “greatest thief in the world,” is suddenly discovered within the borders of the small and prosperous kingdom of Mellinor, officials promptly clap him in irons and prepare to collect the enormous bounty on his head. However, Eli is also a wizard, and a combination of magic and human cunning allows him to turn the tables on them – by kidnapping their king. Now Eli is demanding a ransom, the king’s absence has left a power vacuum in Mellinor, and a wizard from the nearby Spirit Court is after Eli for reasons of her own. Yet before this wizard, a ghost-hound-riding magician named Miranda, can capture Eli, they suddenly find themselves on the same side, as an unsuspected magical danger threatens the entire kingdom.

This book, quite simply, is rollicking good fun. If you like fantasy of the cunning-roguish-hero-and-nifty-system-of-magic variety, you’ll almost certainly enjoy this book. The book’s individual elements, such as the thief-hero and the evil wizard out to steal a throne, aren’t particularly original; but as a whole, the plot felt original and exciting to me. The first scene is especially delightful and serves to establish the tone of the book:

In the prison under the castle Allaze, in the dark, moldy cells where the greatest criminals in Mellinor spent the remainder of their lives counting rocks to stave off madness, Eli Monpress was trying to wake up a door.

Another interesting thing about this book is that, while Eli is supposedly the central character, we don’t get a lot of firsthand insight into his thoughts and feelings. Rather, the bulk of the third-person narrative focuses on Miranda’s point of view as she is exposed to a totally different perspective on the world. There are several plotlines woven throughout the book, and I was interested in all of them, as well as being eager to learn more about the various characters. There are two more books in the series right now, with another to be released this summer, and I can’t wait to track them down and read them!
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