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Day 2 Mini-Challenges

Here are today's mini-challenges for the Once Upon a Read-a-Thon.


First, YA Bliss asks about our top three love triangles. In her opinion, the best love triangles are the ones where it's not obvious whom the protagonist will choose. In general, I agree -- I hate when the love triangle is a major element of the plot, but one of the people is clearly an evil loser, and the other two are clearly meant to be together. I don't understand why the third member of the triangle always has to be the worst person in the world!

On the other hand, I'm a bit of a sappy romantic, and I like knowing that, at the end of the day, the main character is with the right person. For me, that means there have to be enough clues in the book that one member of the triangle is the "right person," which means that the other member has to be the "wrong person." So basically, I'm okay with a certain amount of favoritism by the author, but I don't like it to be overpowering. Anyway, that said, here are three of my favorite love triangles.

1. Toby, Carter, and Tybalt from Seanan McGuire's "Toby Daye" series. This love triangle, implicit (I think) since book 1 of the series, is finally starting to come to the fore. Toby is a half-human, half-fae woman caught between two men: Carter, a member of her liege's faerie court and her first love; and Tybalt, the enigmatic King of Cats who can always catch Toby off-balance. At this point in the series, it's unclear whom Toby will choose, and both men seem like decent people, but I am totally rooting for Tybalt! If Toby doesn't pick him, it will just be wrong!

2. Anne, Louisa, and Captain Wentworth from Jane Austen's Persuasion. I like this love triangle because, even though the reader is obviously rooting for Anne and Wentworth, the love triangle actually is a legitimate obstacle in the plot. Anne loved him and lost him years ago, and now he's courting the much younger could you not sympathize with Anne's plight? And since most of the book is told from Anne's perspective, Captain Wentworth's feelings are unclear for most of the novel.

3. Paula, Stoyan, and Duarte from Juliet Marillier's Cybele's Secret. In this novel, while searching for a rare artifact in Renaissance-era Istanbul, Paula is pursued by both Stoyan, her loyal bodyguard, and Duarte, a dashing pirate. For much of this book, I honestly didn't know whom Paula would choose, but I was happy with the eventual resolution. Still, I felt sorry for the other man too, and I really hope he gets to be the hero in another Marillier book!


Second, The Bookish Type has a cover-related challenge, wherein we post the cover of one of the books we're reading for this read-a-thon, and then create a fake summary of the book based solely on its cover. So far, I've only read one book for this read-a-thon (shame!), so here is my made-up summary of Scott Westerfeld's Leviathan:

Front Cover

In the year 2062, the dreaded alien invasion has finally occurred. Amid the widespread destruction on Earth, only a few brave individuals have survived. One of these is Dirk, a 16-year-old boy with a gift for mechanical engineering. With the world as he knows it crumbling around him, Dirk must use his special skills to create the only weapon capable of fighting the aliens: a giant metal bird-like airship known as the Phoenix. But can this airship ever withstand the might of the aliens' technologically advanced space shuttle, the Leviathan?

Okay, the real plot is a lot better. :) But that was a fun exercise!
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