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About That Night

About That Night by Julie James33. Julie James, About That Night

Criminal prosecutor Rylann Pierce has just become Chicago’s newest assistant U.S. attorney. Smart and ambitious, Rylann is determined to do a fantastic job and make a name for herself in this new city. However, her very first assignment places her in contact with the last man she ever thought she’d see again: Kyle Rhodes, the sexy billionaire heir to a software fortune with whom she’d shared an instant connection – and one amazing kiss – nine years ago. Now Kyle is an important witness in her big case, and Rylann must either fight her strong attraction to Kyle or risk irreparable damage to her career.

I always eagerly await the newest Julie James novel; she’s my go-to author when I want a fun, lighthearted contemporary romance, and this book certainly delivers. Rylann and Kyle are both engaging, likeable characters with extremely strong chemistry. I really liked the first chapter, which described their first meeting nine years prior to the main events of the book; it was charming and sweet, and it had me invested in their romance from the very beginning. I also enjoyed seeing characters from James’ previous books: Kyle’s sister Jordan is the heroine of A Lot Like Love and has a role to play in this book too. It was also fun to get the insides coop on Kyle’s reputation as the “Twitter terrorist.” That said, parts of this book would probably be a lot less engaging for readers who haven’t already read A Lot Like Love, although the novel can technically be read as a stand-alone book. Mostly I’m just curious to see where James will go from here – Rylann’s best friend Rae and coworker Cade would both make great protagonists for future books, I think!
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