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35. Tina Fey, Bossypants

Comedienne Tina Fey’s memoir tackles all the usual suspects: her childhood, her offbeat parents, the summers she spent at theater camp where everyone turned out to be gay…and then her career at “Saturday Night Live,” her famous stint impersonating Sarah Palin, and the creation and surprising longevity of “30 Rock.” Through it all, she keeps the jokes coming and gives hardly any serious advice about Life.

I don’t have too much to say about this book, honestly. If you’re a fan of Tina Fey, you’ll probably enjoy it – I certainly did! I basically only know her because of “30 Rock,” and I was pleasantly surprised by the amount of time she dedicates to talking about the show. She spends comparatively little time on SNL, so anyone looking for a lot of backstage information about that might be disappointed. The chief virtue of this book is that it’s hysterically funny; I was laughing pretty much nonstop in a really embarrassing, cackly way. (Let’s just say I was happy I read it in the privacy of my own home!) It doesn’t really have much to offer beyond the humor, but for me that provided enough incentive to keep turning the pages.
Tags: challenge: 12 in 12, challenge: new authors 2012, country: america, era: contemporary, genre: humor, genre: memoir, genre: nonfiction, reviews

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