Christina (christina_reads) wrote,

Once Upon a Time VI Challenge Wrap-Up

I'm a couple days late with my wrap-up post, but Carl's Once Upon a Time Challenge VI ended on Tuesday (June 19).

I did actually manage to complete my goal of Quest the First, which entailed reading five books that fit under the categories of fantasy, mythology, folklore, and/or fairy tales.

Here's what I read:
  1. Naomi Novik, Tongues of Serpents -- fantasy (Napoleonic Wars + dragons)
  2. A. C. Gaughen, Scarlet -- folklore (Robin Hood)
  3. Rick Riordan, The Last Olympian -- mythology (Greek gods, titans and heroes)
  4. Naomi Novik, Crucible of Gold -- fantasy (more Napoleonic Wars + dragons)
  5. Rachel Aaron, The Spirit War -- fantasy (sword and sorcery)

I enjoyed all these books to varying degrees, though I wouldn't say I loved any of them. Still, I always enjoy a little magic in the springtime, and I look forward to the next Once Upon a Time challenge!

Tags: challenge: completed, challenge: once upon a time vi, genre: fantasy, genre: legends, genre: mythology

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