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Practice Makes Perfect

Practice Makes Perfect79. Julie James, Practice Makes Perfect


High-powered corporate lawyer Payton Kendall has worked extremely hard to get where she is: she comes to the office early, leaves late, and bills more hours than anyone else at the firm. Anyone, that is, except J. D. Jameson, her obnoxious (yet very handsome) colleague. Payton and J. D. have been feuding for years, trading barbed comments and insults whenever they run into each other: Payton’s a liberal feminist raised by a hippie mother, while J. D. is a rich white Harvard grad whose family has money. But when they’re asked to work on a case together, they put their differences aside and realize they actually make a pretty great team. Then their boss breaks the news that only one of them will make partner this year, and they must decide whether their newfound truce – and feelings for each other – can survive the competition.


Another romance novel I actually liked! In fact, I’m not entirely sure why this book was in the romance section at all, because it’s no more explicit than a lot of chick lit shelved in the fiction section. But anyway, I really enjoyed this book. The writing style was actually good, and the attempts at humor were actually funny! The law-firm setting was very well done also; James practiced as a lawyer for several years, so she actually knows what she’s talking about, and it shows. Payton and J. D. are both very likeable characters, and I love how their relationship develops throughout the novel. Let’s just say that (in this novel, anyway) James is the master of the slow burn. :) Oh, and there’s an absolutely hilarious scene between J. D., his best friend Tyler, and a cab driver about Pride and Prejudice! I would definitely recommend this book to fans of romance or chick lit, and I’ll be looking for more from Julie James. Thanks to dreamilywistful for the rec!

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