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Going Too Far

Going Too Far59. Jennifer Echols, Going Too Far

Meg McPherson is a rebel, and she’s got the blue hair to prove it. She hates being constrained – both literally and figuratively – and she has problems with authority. So when she and her friends get busted for underage drinking and trespassing on a local bridge, she doesn’t exactly warm to the cop who arrests her. However, when she’s stuck shadowing Officer After for a week as part of her rehabilitation, she soon revises her first impression. First of all, John After is young – so young he was in her high school Spanish class! – and kind of hot. Secondly, he actually has a sense of humor, and soon the two of them are trading insults like friends. But when the chemistry between them becomes undeniable, they must both decide whether they can leave their pasts behind them and take a chance on each other.

People told me that I would like this book, and they were absolutely right! I devoured it in one sitting and was absorbed the whole time. I was skeptical about the plot at first (which, to be fair, is pretty implausible), but the book is so well written that I didn’t care – I was completely able to suspend my disbelief. Meg and John feel like real people, despite the fact that they both deal with pretty clichéd teen problems. Their romance is believable and I liked the way in which it’s resolved. Meg’s narrative voice is lovably sarcastic (and occasionally foulmouthed), which keeps the book fast-paced and fun to read. If you like reading love stories, you’ll like this book! Now I’m even more excited for Echols’ next book, Forget You.

And, just because I feel like it (and because I finally figured out how to do block quotes!), here's a passage from the book:

"Are you scared?" I whispered.
"I'm well trained."
Yes, he was well trained to enter a robbery in progress with three guns pointed at him. Or well trained to hide that he was scared.
His death-hold on the steering wheel gave him away.
"Do you want me to kiss you for luck?" I asked.
His eyes cut to me for a split second, then returned to the store. He waited so long that I thought he wasn't going to answer. He would ignore my inappropriate question.
Then he said, "Yes."

If that doesn't intrigue you, I don't know what will! :)
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